It is spring again

Namakwaland is turning the most brilliant colours. The most beautiful flowers is blooming, and nobody planted them! Jesus shows us a little of what we will see in heaven one day. Even if we can not compare it to heaven, we can be excited about what awaits us in heaven.

Spring is a time of love. Something romantic hangs in the air. People jolly up their homes and offices with flowers. Do you want to impress a woman? Give her flowers!

I am in Ireland at the moment. In their streets are flowers in pots and hanging baskets. It is so beautiful.
An ocean of flowers. It is so pretty I thought it plastic flowers. It makes you realize that Jesus made all this for us to enjoy. A reminder of His undeserving love for us.

Let us at the CAD celebrate this spring with a renewed relationship with Jesus. He said in His word that He will give us peace and joy above all understanding.

A blessed spring time to all our members and family.

Rene Combrinck


Message for 2017

For those of us who do not believe in reading the stars may take on this year with great expectations, because we know Jesus Christ determines the course of our lives.

He said in Luke 11:13  “If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”

We can approach this year knowing that He will carry us, and lead us to making the CAD more relevant.

Dr Caroline Leaf writes in  her book: What you think, you are. Romans 12:2 say “ transformed by renewing your mind.” The message is clear: if we are negative (by thinking it) then we close the heaven  according to Matt 16:19 and there will be no growth for the CAD.

Let us ask Jesus to help us to think and say positive things about the CAD. Leave negative thoughts like, the CAD is only there for temporary help, people become sober and leave, we struggle with funds. Be more positive en tell everybody that this is going to be the best year for the CAD, with the help of Jesus Christ. Be glad because in our leader Jesus we are able to do anything.

Have a Blessed 2017!

René Combrinck

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Christmas 2016

Let us rejoice in the biggest event this world has ever witnessed: God out of His love sent us His most precious gift – Jesus Christ.

Jesus was willing to abandon His heavenly status for us, for those who accepted Him as saviour, to save us from our sins. Even He knew what it would cost Him in the end, He still did not forsake us. The pain He had to suffer, the mockery and rejection He had to endure – could not outweigh His love for us. He conquered the enemy and death on the cross at Golgotha to save us from our sins, and so that we may be with Him in Heaven forever. To do this was His biggest purpose on earth.

Let us rejoice 25 December over the coming of Jesus Christ. He came to earth so that no-one may be forsaken. (John 14:16)

Our celebrations must honour and glorify Him, not with foolishness, drunkness or drugs. Be grateful for the sacrifice He made and share it with people, so that they may know the true spirit of Christmas.

We wish our members and their families a blessed Christmas.

René Combrinck