People that received treatment from a rehabilitation centre. Follow-up support is crucial with success in sobriety.


Persons who broke with dependence by themselves. This is the hardest way to face your problem. Come and join us to connect with people who has been there to encourage and guide you.


Persons still caught in the web of addiction can begin a new life at the CAD. (Persons under the influance will not be allowed at meetings.)


Family that is co-dependent. The spouse, children or direct family are mostly overlooked. We know the pain but also the joy of being able to share with someone that really understands. We urge you to join.


People with an interest in helping others struggling with addication. You may have had a relative struggling with addiction. Or maybe just have a passion for helping people.


Professional people who want to deliver insight and support to our cause. Doctors, social workers, therapists, clergymen. Your support is much appreciated.