Ons Span

CAD Kantoor Personeel

KUILSRIVER (25 Digtebij street, Kuilsriver, Cape Town)

Sekretaris (Lizzy Lombard)

Lizzy has been an essential part of CAD in which she started in October of 2019. Her enthusiastic and God loving energy makes all clients feel welcome. Lizzy is responsible for calls, AGM, committee meetings, formal letter heads, admin etc.

Organiseerder en senior maatskaplike werker (Emma Gibbons)

Emma joined CAD in January 2018 and was promoted to organiser of CAD in June 2019. Emma Gibbons has transformed CAD into the 21st Century in terms of marketing CAD, doing fundraisers, outreach programs, getting donations, creating partnerships with other organisations and of cause being hands on with individuals and families during therapeutic counselling.

Maatskaplike hulpwerker (Emmaureen Hendricks)

CAD was very fortunate to employ Emmaureen in January 2020 as she has been a real asset to the CAD team. Her hardworking and caring nature never goes unnoticed. Emmaureen has brought some modern approaches to support groups by using her professional experience in dancing to facilitate her support groups. Emmaureen is responsible for admin, client intakes, family interventions, facilitating support groups etc.

social worker and support group coordinator (Meghan Kroutz)

Meghan Kroutz started in September 2021. She is in charge of all our support groups and enthusiastic in starting new groups to help all communities overcome their addiction problems.