The Role

Drug freeThe Role of the CAD in the community

The CAD’s approach to the identification, care and treatment of substance dependants leads to it’s main objective namely:

“To ensure that substance dependants refrain from the use of dependence-producing substances.”

The CAD believes that substance dependence is identifiable and treatable, and thus we aim to support the substance dependent physically, psychologically, socially and religiously to lead a sober, productive and healthy life.


Scientifically based approach:

In the provisioning of such assistance, the CAD further supports scientifically based approaches to identifying, detoxification and rehabilitation.

The CAD’s role in the handling of substance dependants therefore include:

Identification of dependents for treatment by a dependence treatment centre;

Financial and practical support of the dependent and the relevant relatives and / or co-dependants during and after treatment;

Providing mutual support, group solidarity and therapeutic growth for substance dependants and their relatives and / or co-dependants, during and after completion of the treatment.



The CAD collaborates with Government departments and organizations involved in the preparation, implementation and valuation of combating substance dependency.

The CAD also collaborates with churches, business organizations, schools and other interested organizations to empower people to guard against the formation of dependency.



Aftercare service (in the form of group or personal meetings) is available to recovering substance dependants, their relatives and to co-dependants.


Christian principles:

The CAD’s functioning is based on the Bible as the infallible Word of God and seeking to renew lifes built upon the Christian ethos and value system.

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