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We are not a rehabilitation center.

We are a group that provides free after-care and support for people who have been to rehab or is trying to quit substance dependency and misuse on their own.


It is almost time for the bi-annual CAD South African Conference.

Members will be able to learn more about abuse and meet people who have been through addiction. There are professional speakers, workshops and worship.

Such a conference is a huge task. A venue must be hired, there must be food, there has to be speakers to name a few. But apart from the physical aspects to make this a reality for about 150 members is a huge financial task. We would sincerely appreciate your support to make this a huge success. Please follow the link below to make a financial donation.

Should you be able to sponsor any other items in example food, drinks, presents, stationary, t-shirts it will be most welcome. You can email us or reach us through the contact page.

The CAD is a registered Non Profit Organization.


Christian Action for Dependence is a dynamic organization for the support of substance dependents and their families. Our main objective is to ensure that the restorative substance dependent refrain from the use of dependence-producing substances.

We support the dependent and their family physically, psychologically, socially and religiously to be more productive and happy.

From personal experience we know that there is hope, and as such we have a genuine understanding of the problem.

The CAD is not a treatment facility, it is a support group.



People that received treatment from a rehabilitation centre. Follow-up support is crucial with success in sobriety.


Persons who broke with dependence by themselves. This is the hardest way to face your problem. Come and join us to connect with people who has been there to encourage and guide you.


Persons still caught in the web of addiction can begin a new life at the CAD. (Persons under the influance will not be allowed at meetings.)


Family that is co-dependent. The spouse, children or direct family are mostly overlooked. We know the pain but also the joy of being able to share with someone that really understands. We urge you to join.


People with an interest in helping others struggling with addication. You may have had a relative struggling with addiction. Or maybe just have a passion for helping people.


Professional people who want to deliver insight and support to our cause. Doctors, social workers, therapists, clergymen. Your support is much appreciated.


Gatherings are informal with the objective of fellowship and mutual support. Group members themselves decides the program. This includes various activities like information sessions, debate, Bible study, media and social functions. We strive to make activities enjoyable and interesting.

No pressure are placed on anyone to take part in activities or discussions. Members usually feel so at ease that they do quickly start joining in the activities. Confidentiality is continually upheld.

What does the CAD offer?

The CAD offers many other tools for a sober lifestyle.

  • Helps build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Conferences with other groups
  • Learn to cope with triggers and pain
  • Handle emotions and perceptions
  • Group outreaches
  • Helps build a new lifestyle
  • Problem solving and crisis management
  • New friendships with successful people
  • Personal growth
  • Learn new life-skills
  • Protection against loneliness

Quick FAQs

Does it cost money to become a member?
No. It is a free non-profit service.

Do I have to be a specific church member?
No. Anyone who identifies with the Christian ethos and morals are welcome.

Do I have to complete a rehabilitation programme?
No. There are members who overcame dependence without formal treatment.

May I join other aftercare groups?
Yes. You may join any other groups.

Is aftercare really that important?
YES! Research has shown that the possibility of a relapse is much less if you join a group like the CAD.


If you think you might have a problem the odds are that you already do! The good news is that this is the first step towards recovery.


At the CAD you become part of a greater, loving, praying and supporting family of winners!



As we are a non-profit organization we rely on grants from generous people. Thank you for your support and donations.

TJEK REKENING: 104 467 0158